Pista Badam | পেস্তা বাদাম

Price: ৳ 950 Quantity: 250 gm

Pista Badam (পেস্তা বাদাম ) or Pistachio Nut has high antioxidants properties. Our shop sells it a...

AXE Brand Universal Oil

Price: ৳ 750 Quantity: 56 ml

The Main use of AXE Brand Universal Oil is for quick relief of cold, headache, and pain. Our online shop sells it at a l...

Ashwagandha Powder | অশ্বগন্ধা

Price: ৳ 300 Quantity: 100 gm

Ashwagandha Powder (অশ্বগন্ধা) is from the root of the tree. It mainly uses herbal medicine. You can b...

Arjun Bark | অর্জুন গাছের ছাল

Price: ৳ 550 Quantity: 1 kg

Arjun Bark (অর্জুন গাছের ছাল) Powder is an Ayurveda organic medicine. The main use is in the...

Barley Flour | যবের ছাতু

Price: ৳ 330 Quantity: 500 gm

We sell Barley Flour (যবের ছাতু) from our shopping store at a low price in Bangladesh. it is very helpfu...

Best Diabetics Sugar

Price: ৳ 350 Quantity: 100

We are selling Diabetics Sugar of Splenda perfect for coffee and tea in Bangladesh at the best price....

Cupping Set

Price: ৳ 1000 Quantity: 12 pcs

This glass Cupping Set is used for Hijama treatment. You can buy it from our online shop at an affordable low price in B...

Detox Plum | Beauty Fruit

Price: ৳ 1300 Quantity: 20 pcs

Detox Plum is a Japanese fruit. It helps colon cleaning, weight, and Fat loss. We sell it at the best price in Banglade...

Blood Sugar Testing Machine

Price: ৳ 1500 Quantity: 1 pcs

Blood Sugar Testing Machine a glucometer. We sell it at a low price from our online shop in Bangladesh. The reading repo...

Blood Pressure Machine

Price: ৳ 1350 Quantity: 1 pcs

Blood Pressure Instrument is a machine used for measuring BP. Our shop sells it at a low price in Bangladesh. It is usef...

Blood Sugar Test Strips

Price: ৳ 599 Quantity: 25 pcs

Blood Sugar Test Strips are used to measure the glucose level of blood. We sell different types of the strip from our sh...

Copper Ghoti | তামার ঘটি

Price: ৳ 1400 Quantity: 1 pcs

Copper Ghoti is good for water drink pot. Taking water from copper pot has Ayurveda benefit. Our online shop sells it at...

Extra Virgin Olive Oil | এক্সট্রা ভার্জিন অলিভ

Price: ৳ 1595 Quantity: 1 liter

We are selling Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil for cooking from our shop in Bangladesh at a low price. The brand name is ...

Hot Cold Gel Pack

Price: ৳ 400 Quantity: 1 pcs

Reusable Hot Cold Gel Pack is good for Knee, Arm, Elbow, Shoulder, Neck Hip, and Wrist Injuries. Our online shop sells i...

Korean Ginseng | 500mg

Price: ৳ 3000 Quantity: 60 pcs

Korean Ginseng Root is imported from Australia. It has a variety of health benefits for men and women bodies. We sell at...

Glass Water Bottle | 500 ml

Price: ৳ 900 Quantity: 1 pcs

Copper Water Bottle is pure. Taking water from the glass vessels has health benefits. Our online shop sells it at a low ...

Husk Colon Cleanse | ইসবগুলের ভুসি

Price: ৳ 700 Quantity: 250 gm

Psyllium Husk (ইসবগুলের ভুসি) is known as Yusuf Guler Vusi. It is a herbal product, for Colon Cl...

Kalijira Oil | কালিজিরার তেল

Price: ৳ 900 Quantity: 250 gm

Kalijira Oil (কালিজিরার তেল) is used for breastfeeding and hair. Our online shop sells it at an...

Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil | নারকেল তেল

Price: ৳ 700 Quantity: 310 ml

Original Coconut Oil (নারকেল তেল) of Ceylon brand, it is organic and natural. Our online shop sells it...

Kurti Kalai Dal | কুর্তি কালাই ডাল

Price: ৳ 500 Quantity: 500 gm

Kurti Kalai Dal (কুর্তি কালাই ডাল) another popular name is Horse Gram. Our online shop sells...

Other's Product

Heating Gel Bag

Price: ৳ 2100 Quantity: 1 pcs

Ramadan Special Offers

Price: ৳ 3400 Quantity: 10 pcs

Kashmiri Red Saffron | জাফরান

Price: ৳ 650 Quantity: 1 gm

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In Dhaka City: Tk60.00/per kg. Out of Dhaka Tk130.00/per kg. Courier service charges we receive in advance.

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We are requesting our customer to inform the seller about the return product within 24 hour and submit a complain to Manohari also.

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