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Agarbatti Incense Sticks

Price: ৳ 500 Quantity: 12 box

We are selling Brand Agarbatti Incense Sticks in Bangladesh from our online shop at a low price....

Karpur | Camphor | কর্পূর

Price: ৳ 250 Quantity: 100 gm

Karpur is a white crystalline substance of a camphor tree. Mainly uses as ayurvedic medicine. Our online shop sells it a...

Raw Dhoop | ধুপ

Price: ৳ 150 Quantity: 250 gm

Dhoop is a kind of rotted tree. The main use is for religion and insect removal. We sell it from our online shop at the...

Hand Tally Counter

Price: ৳ 250 Quantity: 1 pcs

A Hand Tally Counter is a mechanical device used to incrementally counting and chanting. It has 4 Digits Number and Meta...

Pocket Janamaz

Price: ৳ 200 Quantity: 1 pcs

Pocket Janamaz is a Prayer Mat. Sometimes it has a magnetic compass with it. It is ideal for traveling time. Our shop se...

Shaligram Shila | শালগ্রাম শিলা

Price: ৳ 8000 Quantity: 1 pcs

Shaligram Shila is a small black stone from Nepal, Hindus admire it. We sell it from our shop in Bangladesh....

Guggul Gum | গুগগুল

Price: ৳ 700 Quantity: 100 gm

Guggul Gum গুগগুল, We are selling this product all over Bangladesh at a low and best price....

Tulsi Mala | তুলসি মালা

Price: ৳ 100 Quantity: 1 pcs

Tulsi Mala | তুলসি মালা You could buy at the best price from our online shop in Bangladesh....

Rudraksha Mala | রুদ্রাক্ষ মালা

Price: ৳ 1000 Quantity: 1 pcs

Rudraksha Mala রুদ্রাক্ষ মালা You could buy at the best price from our online shop in Banglad...

Dui Mukhi Rudraksha

Price: ৳ 2500 Quantity: 1 pcs

This 2 faced rudraksha bead is from Nepal. Our online shop sells it at a low price in Bangladesh....

Other's Product

Vitamin E Cream

Price: ৳ 450 Quantity: 200 gm

English Grammar P K De Sarkar

Price: ৳ 300 Quantity: 1 pcs

Digital Weight Scale

Price: ৳ 600 Quantity: 1 pics

Astronomical Telescope

Price: ৳ 18000 Quantity: 1

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In Dhaka City: Tk60.00/per kg. Out of Dhaka Tk130.00/per kg. Courier service charges we receive in advance.

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We are requesting our customer to inform the seller about the return product within 24 hour and submit a complain to Manohari also.

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