Mosquito Repellent Cream | 1 Tube

Price: ৳ 350 Quantity: 100 gm

Dr Rhazes Herbal Mosquito Repellent Cream. Our online shop sells it at a low price in Bangladesh. It is used on the skin...

Bifocal Reading Glasses

Price: ৳ 150 Quantity: 1 pcs

This eye Glass is fashionable and can use for book reading, Computers, and travel time. Our shop sells it at the best pr...

Electric Hair Trimmer | Moser

Price: ৳ 1500 Quantity: 1 pcs

Electric Hair Trimmer of Moser from Germany. Our online shop sells this product in Bangladesh at a low price....

Neem Powder | নিম পাউডার

Price: ৳ 250 Quantity: 250 gm

Neem Powder of 250g. Our online shop sells it at the best price in Bangladesh....

Mehedi Powder | মেহেদী পাউডার

Price: ৳ 200 Quantity: 50 gm

Mehedi Powder (মেহেদী পাউডার) or Hina is an Ayurveda tree. It mainly uses as an herbal for hair ...

Passport Cover One pic LOUIS VUITTON HOLDER

Price: ৳ 500 Quantity: 1 pcs

Passport Cover is a very important thing for a traveler to protect his passport. You can buy this from our online shop w...

Travel Air Pillow

Price: ৳ 500 Quantity: 1 pcs

Travel Air Pillow is used for outdoor traveling and camping. You can buy this from our online shop with an affordable lo...

Pocket Janamaz

Price: ৳ 250 Quantity: 1 pcs

Pocket Janamaz is a Prayer Mat. Sometimes it has a magnetic compass with it. It is ideal for traveling time. Our shop se...

Garam Masala | 9 Spices in 1 Package

Price: ৳ 720 Quantity: 9 pcs

Garam Masala special package all include Great A. We sell the package from our shop at the best price of the quality of ...

Brown Sugar

Price: ৳ 900 Quantity: 800 gm

This Brown Sugar is Beksul brand. It is 100% natural, has no colorings, and has no nasty preservatives. Our shop sells i...

Kalijira | কালোজিরা

Price: ৳ 200 Quantity: 200 gm

Kalijira (কালোজিরা) is an organic medicine. It also stimulates the body. You can buy this from our onli...

Mens T Shirt

Price: ৳ 450 Quantity: 1 pcs

Mens T-Shirt of unique design and GSM. unique. Our online shop sells it at a low price in Bangladesh....

Conch Shell Powder | শঙ্খ গুঁড়া

Price: ৳ 200 Quantity: 200 gm

Conch Shell Powder Bengali name is Shongkho Gura (শঙ্খ গুঁড়া ). This Shongkho Powder. We sell from ...

Magnetic Chess Board

Price: ৳ 1200 Quantity: 1 pcs

Magnetic Chess Board is a small toy set. It can carry easily at the time of travel. You can buy this from our online sho...

Digital Weight Scale

Price: ৳ 600 Quantity: 1

Digital Weight Scale is a small portable hanging weighing machine. We sell it from our store at a low price in Banglade...

Ladies Kurti

Price: ৳ 800 Quantity: 1 pcs

We are selling Ladies Kurti dress from our online shop in Bangladesh at a low price. There are different designs and col...

Ethnic Necklace

Price: ৳ 500 Quantity: 1 pcs

This Ethnic Necklace is collected from India. We have only one in our stock. We sell it in Bangladesh....

Mobile Phone Stand

Price: ৳ 300 Quantity: 1 pcs

Folding Mobile Phone Stand for your table or desk is available in our store. We sell it at the best price in Bangladesh....

Nakshi Kantha | নকশি কাঁথা

Price: ৳ 3000 Quantity: 1 pcs

Nakshi Kantha (নকশি কাঁথা) mainly use for home decoration. It also uses as a bed cover and pillow cove...

Mother Bra

Price: ৳ 900 Quantity: 1 gm

Mother Bra is a woman inner garment item. Another popular name is maternity or nursing bra. The online shop sells it at ...

Other's Product

Abdominal Support Belt

Price: ৳ 1000 Quantity: 1 pcs

Sanitary Pads

Price: ৳ 160 Quantity: 1 box

Methi Powder

Price: ৳ 300 Quantity: 500 gm

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In Dhaka City: Tk60.00/per kg. Out of Dhaka Tk130.00/per kg. Courier service charges we receive in advance.

Return Policy

We are requesting our customer to inform the seller about the return product within 24 hour and submit a complain to Manohari also.

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