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Growing Up Milk | Cow and Gate

Price: ৳ 2100 Quantity: 800 gm

Growing Up Milk for the baby of Cow and Gate Brand. Our online shop sells it at a low price in Bangladesh....

First Infant Milk | Aptamil

Price: ৳ 2500 Quantity: 800 gm

First Infant Milk for newborn baby. You can buy this from our online shop at an affordable low price in Bangladesh...

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Iranian Red Saffron

Price: ৳ 3499 Quantity: 25 gm

Magnetic Reading Glasses

Price: ৳ 600 Quantity: 1 pcs

Push Up Bar

Price: ৳ 420 Quantity: 2 pcs

Karpur | কর্পূর

Price: ৳ 250 Quantity: 100 gm

Delivery Charge

In Dhaka City: Tk60.00/per kg. Out of Dhaka Tk130.00/per kg. Courier service charges we receive in advance.

Return Policy

We are requesting our customer to inform the seller about the return product within 24 hour and submit a complain to Manohari also.

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